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ICPEM is a Non-Governmental, Non-Conventional, Non-Profit registered organisation with Government of India to impart Non-Conventional Courses to under privileged, less fortunate, Downtrodden and School Dropout young people in Rural areas all over India. It is governed by the Board of Academicians and Technicians from different field.

ICPEM Board Academic Affairs identified and prepared curriculum for more than 600 Courses tailored training programmes suitable to the need of Rural and Urban Youth. The Courses are designed for personal development of an individual or employment outcomes to gain skills that would better prepare them for the workplace and potential job openings.

The educational program covers a variety of topics such as Arts, Languages, Business, Health Care, Technical, Computer Skills, Hospitality Skills and lifestyle; and are usually timetabled to be conducted in the evenings or weekends or Part Time to accommodate people working full-time. Mostly funding source comes from Course fee on no loss no gain basis. All the courses offered by ICPEM are practical oriented and prepare students for immediate job placement soon after they complete the training.

ICPEM is not preparing students for Government job, but gainful employment in the Private Sectors where there are plenty of vacancies available with good remuneration and Job Security.