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Indian counsil for professional education mission ICPEM

About Affiliation


ICPEM is governed by the Board of Academicians and Technicians from different expertise. ICPEM facilitates skill-based courses in fields like Arts, Languages, Business, Health Care, Technology, Computer Skills, Hospitality Skills and Lifestyle; and are usually time-tabled to be conducted in the evenings / weekends / part-time / virtual (online) to accommodate people working full-time. All the courses offered by ICPEM are practical oriented.

ICPEM prepares its students for gainful employment in PRIVATE SECTORS and NOT for GOVERNMENT jobs as there is a huge opportunity for employment in private sector.

The courses are designed to provide 6 months practical training and 6 months theory, in case of shorter courses, 50% theory and 50% practical. ICPEM affiliates colleges across India where students enroll and pursue their studies under the the college and on completion of the course, ICPEM will issue the Course completion certificate.



ICPEM has a unique perspective towards learning. Convenience and flexibility is a key catalyst to our learning management system. Our prospective institutions are spread across different urban and rural places varying in culture, language and exposure to learning and hence the need for flexibility in learning. The greater idea is to make education available for everyone irrespective of caste, creed, gender and age. The courses are designed to impart skill-based learning making sure the practical aspects of the course is focused predominantly.

ICPEM will affiliate an institution to provide the skill development and on completion of the course, the convocation certificate will be issued by ICPEM.


ICPEM aims at expanding its horizon across the globe and therefore the concept of affiliation was introduced in the year 1998. This allows institutions with similar aim and mindset as that of ICPEM, to join hands in imparting nonconventional, skill-based, vocational education to all without any discrimination across the globe. As a milestone, ICPEM has been successful in affiliating 400 and more institutions across India thus far and is flying high. Affiliated colleges will provide the skill-based learning to the students as per the standards of ICPEM and the certification will be issued by ICPEM.


Standardization of skill-based learning practice

ICPEM Affiliation provides a standard mark of skill-based, non-conventional, vocational learning practice which distinguishes your institution from others, providing an assurance to employers that our students have appropriate skills and knowledge required

Globally Accepted Certification

With an in-depth skill-based learning platform guided by qualified professionals and a recognized certification, the students are industry ready for employment. ICPEM will issue the course completion certificate to its students through the Affiliated institution, This certificate is globally recognized by all private companies.

Adds credibility to your Institution

ICPEM Affiliation means, your organization is joining hands with a government recognized, 24 years old organization. The Certification issued by ICPEM is an industry recognized certificate which will add value to the profile of the student. The credibility of your skill-based learning program will rise a notch up and in turn build the trust factor in the eyes of your students and employers

Increased Visibility of the Institution

You will be entitled to use the ICPEM Logo. The name of your institution will be listed as an affiliated center and a unique page with your information will be created on the official website which will be viewed by hundreds of prospects. ICPEM will promote your organization as an affiliated institution on the website, news feeds and magazines.

Uniqueness of the Institution

Only 21% of institutions in India, focus on offering non-conventional courses to empower the working professionals and the dropouts. Having an affiliation with ICPEM will help your organization stand out from the others especially your competitors.


Certification 1 - 3 months
Certification 6 months
Diploma 1 Year
Diploma 2 Years
Advanced Diploma 1 Year
Advanced Diploma 2 Years
Post-Graduate Diploma 1 Year
Post-Graduate Diploma 2 Years
Women empowerment 1 - 6 months
Workshops 1 - 6 weeks

ICPEM has identified hundreds of Skill and Professional/Vocational Training (Non-Conventional) in different fields and impart the same through its affiliated Training Centers all over India. The training programs are conducted by our Skill Learning centers (SLC). The certification will be provided by ICPEM on completion of the course. It is happy to note that 98.7 % of the trained students are gainfully employed and their standard of life is improved. Certification program adds value to the student's profile and helps learn new skills.

Diploma programs helps in achieving gainful employment


  • Airline / Aircraft (8 courses)
  • Applied Health Care (50 courses)
  • Automobile (10 Courses)
  • Beauty and Make-up (6 Courses)
  • Business Development (21 Courses)
  • Business Management (20 Courses)
  • Cargo and Shipping (6 Courses)
  • Commercial Practice(6 Courses)
  • Computer Applications (14 Courses)
  • Counseling (5 Courses)
  • Entrepreneurship (7 Courses)
  • Fashion Designing (8 Courses)
  • Fire and Safety (9 Courses)
  • Fitness and Dietary (15 Courses)
  • Hotel Management (23 Courses)
  • Information Technology (5 Courses)
  • Interior Designing (8 Courses)
  • Inventory Management (5 Courses)
  • Insurance (4 Courses)
  • Media and Telecommunication (10 Courses)


  • Mental Health (15 Courses)
  • Non-Conventional Ayurveda (16 Courses)
  • Non-Conventional Siddha (5 courses)
  • Non-Conventional Unani (4 Courses)
  • Non-Secular Courses (6 Courses)
  • Office Management (16 Courses)
  • Operations Management (5 Courses)
  • Personality development (5 Courses)
  • Real-estate (4 Courses)
  • Sales and Marketing (7 Courses)
  • Small Scale Business Courses (67 Courses)
  • Sports (5 Courses)
  • Tailoring and Designing (5 Courses)
  • Teachers Training (9 Courses)
  • Technical Skill-based Courses (40 Courses)
  • Travel and Tourism (6 Courses)
  • Vedic Astrology (5 Courses)
  • Yoga Therapy (15 Courses)




Sales Manager

ICPEM certification has helped me in getting a good job and a promotion. ICPEM has a holistic approach in their methodologies. The concept of applied, skill-based learning is what differentiates them from the rest


Sr. Technical Analyst
Hexaware Technologies Pvt Ltd.

ICPEM has helped me uplift my career and dreams. It's is a one-stop solution for all those who are passionate but still worried about future, choosing my education at ICPEM was life changing for me.


Campaign Consultant

I proudly say that doing a course with ICPEM has been one of the best decisions of my life. It has empowered me to get a better job and an enhanced lifestyle. Most importance was given to the practical, applied learning which can be used at workplace.


Fitness coach

ICPEM has helped me achieve my goal of becoming a qualified fitness coach and now I am one step closer to my passion. I recommend ICPEM for any skill-based learning


Psychoshiksha (Affiliated center - ICPEM )

The courses were conducted very well by the facilitators, detailed explanations and doubt clearing sessions. The courses have helped me gain theoretical and practical knowledge The certification provided by ICPEM has given me recognition in the industry


Monti Angels teacher's training institute (Affiliated Center - ICPEM)

I did my course from Monti Angels Institution and the training provided was highly informative and job oriented. The certification from ICPEM helped me get a job in a reputed school with a good package. I am grateful for this opportunity.