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Indian council for professional education mission ICPEM

About Us

Education for Anybody, Anywhere, Anytime!

ICPEM is a Non-Governmental, Non-Conventional, Non-Profit registered organisation with Government of India to impart Non-Conventional Courses to under privileged, less fortunate, downtrodden, school dropouts and others who lost their opportunity to study in Rural areas all over India. It is governed by the Board of Academicians and Technicians from different expertise.
This educational program covers many topics such as Arts, Languages, Business, Health Care, Technical, Computer Skills, Hospitality Skills and Lifestyle; and are usually time-tabled to be conducted in the evenings or weekends or part time to accommodate people working full-time. All the courses offered by ICPEM are practical oriented and prepare students for immediate job placement soon after they complete the training.
ICPEM is not preparing students for Government job, but gainful employment in the Private Sectors where there are plenty of vacancies available with good remuneration and job security.

Strong Clientele

Over 400 affiliated centers across India

Happy Customers

Over 5000 students & professionals have been benefitted through our online platform & affiliated centers

Best Courses

Over 1500 tailor made, cutomized courses that fit your skill set.

Certified Courses

All our courses are certified, accredited, and industry recognized qualification

Our Concept

We pioneered the concept of making education available to anyone, anywhere and anytime as we considered it our responsibility to uplift the society by uplifting the people. The term ‘Virtual Academy’ was incorporated to make it easy and flexible for anyone to study from any part of the globe. With the development in our technology it is very easy to now access the courses online and write the examinations online without any difficulties unlike the past.
We use different formats of the technology to deliver our virtual classes, course modules, interactive tutorials, assignments, assessments and examination making it feasible for everyone one to access, learn and be empowered.

Course Options

Choose from over 1500 courses, all
tailor made, skill-based courses.


Our Assessments are based on skill-based Assignments, On Job training and Research.


Learn anytime, anywhere at your convenience.

Mentor Assistance

On request mentor assistance.

Flexible Payment options

Pay in instalments.

FREE Career Counselling Session

To get a clarity about the different courses, and the choose the course that would best suit your line of Profession, get a free counselling session. Book your slot now.

Global Recognition of Certification

Registered under Niti Aayog, Government of India ISO 9001-2008 Certified Institution

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Here's what our customers have to say!

" I had a very interesting and valuable time here. learnt a lot at ICPEM.
The one thing that caught my interest was the concept of tailor-made courses based on the skillset of the student. "

" I feel that over the duration of the course I gained a lot of knowledge and practical strategies that will be beneficial to me, and those I deal with personally and professionally.
ICPEM has exceeded my expectations significantly. ""

" ICPEM has helped me achieve my goal of becoming a qualified fitness coach. They have helped me grow one step closer to my passion and I will surely come back to them for further studies. "

" ICPEM is very well organised as an institution, and the courses are well focused. The variety of skill-based programs gives us a very wide range of courses to choose from on the basis of our skills and interests. "